Thursday, 25 February 2010

Feedback from a happily married couple

Wedding in Prague, 10/10/2009

I recently received a feedback from a couple who I photographed in October last year. You already saw DVD slideshows from their Love Story and wedding - I posted them to the blog in January. I'm glad that they like the photos - it seems I managed to capture their emotions :)

Hi Elena! Now we will add to the box of your most complimentary comments on your work. You know already that you’re just superb. But what is the name of the person who can bring you to your past and make you feeling the same emotions of the most wonderful moments of your life again and again? The name is Wizard (or Enchantress as you are). Elena, the things you do is real Magic! We would like to express our gratitude to you and your husband Yury for that it was very comfortable and easy to be shot by you. And as a result, we’ve got amazing photos that we can’t stop going through! Once again many thanks and respect!

Irina and Michael

P.S. You’re always desired guests in our home!

Thursday, 18 February 2010

Argentine Tango

I enjoy the argentinin tango, and not only to watch but also to dance. In my opinion, this is the only dance where it is possible to express all the feelings: joy, sadness, passion, love, tenderness... This dance means a lot to me, it completely changed my life :) Unfortunately, now I don't have enough time to dance as much as I used to dance, but have a chance to photograph tango, which is also good.

Here is one of the photographs from a recent tango shoot