Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Wedding photos at Rockingham Castle - Marc and Gaby

The first autumn wedding of this year was accompanied by sunny summer weather.
The wedding of Marc and Gaby was held in absolutely stunning venue, Rockingham Castle, a castle with more than 900 years of living history. They organised a great entertainment for their guests, a falconry show with falcons and owls, and had a creative wedding 'cheese cake' - see pictures below. It was a very touching moment during the ceremony when a little boy brought the rings - he was very proud about that!

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Sunday, 25 September 2011

Pre-wedding photos of Becky and Alex in Birmingham

Becky and Alex really like pets - so much that we decided to have their pre-wedding shoot with their dog Darcy (we could not take all of the pets to the shoot :) ). That was something really interesting to do and so we got together at Birmingham suburbs one afternoon for the shoot. Darcy, a very friendly dog, was running around Becky and Alex and it was sometimes not very easy to capture her still :)

During the shoot we had dramatically changing weather from blue sky to dark rain clouds but we were prepared for this and did not stop when rain started. Becky and Alex were rewarded with a beautiful rainbow as you can see on the pictures. Thank you guys for not being afraid of that rainy weather!

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Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Pre-wedding photos of Rachel and Donovan at Allestree Park, Derby

We really enjoyed this pre-wedding photoshoot with Rachel and Donovan - they prepared very stylish outfits and were ready to be photographed even when it rained! So we had to turn rain to our advantage and did few shots with umbrella as part of the picture :) Enjoy the pictures and keep coming back to our blog - their wedding day and wedding photos are yet to come!

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Monday, 5 September 2011

Wedding photographs in Ettington Park Hotel - Sarah & Chris

Following my recent post, I'm glad to share wedding photographs of Sarah and Chris taken in Ettington Park Hotel where the wedding was held.
We started shooting from groom's preparations, then captured bride getting ready and the ceremony, followed by a walk around the hotel. Stylish interior and exterior of the hotel gave lots of opportunities for nice pictures. The weather was very good during the day and we were lucky to capture last rays of sunset.
Chris and Sarah, thank you for your time spent with us - you were great and the atmosphere of your wedding day was just amazing.

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