Sunday, 25 July 2010

Wedding albums and books


I am often asked about what sort of albums and books I offer within my wedding photo packages. Normally I bring all my example books and albums on a meeting with clients, but I think it is also good idea to give you information here, on my blog.

So, basically, I offer both wedding albums and books of different design, size and amount of pages.

The albums are of three slightly different design.
The first one is of original cover design and photo pages without mounts

The second and third album types are with mounted pages but of slighlty different design - the albums may be supplied in a case of the same colour and style as the album

The wedding book is a digital photo book with thick sheets and an original metal plate cover. The design of the book content is done by myself. The advantage of a wedding book over an album is that the photographs may be printed over two sheets

More examples of wedding books and albums are shown on my Wedding Albums & Books page

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